Saturday, March 14, 2015

Crazy Love by Casey Bond [SBM Review]

Crazy Love

Shelby Case avoids town and all the people in it. She can't stand the whispers behind covered lips, the judgmental stares. People say she's crazy, that she lost her mind when she lost her husband.

The Second U.S. Civil War has left widows and widowers scattered across the land. Shelby's just learned to cope. She's taught herself the fine art of self-preservation along with the skills to survive.

When the figment of her imagination, the man who's haunted her days and nights for the past two years, shows up on her doorstep, Shelby wonders if all of the whispers are true.

This was such a sweet story. She loses her husband, but she doesn't really lose him. In a time of hopelessness Shelby finds hope. I only had one problem with a character. The brother had a long time rival show up. I first had the impression that their conflict was something that has been held onto since childhood. I would of liked to see more of a scandal with the rival. I didn't think the character added anything to the story, but it definitely didn't take anything away. Over all it was a wonderfully hopeful story. I can't wait to find out where Bond takes me in her next book!

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