Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dance In The Moonlight [SBM Review]

Dance In The Moonlight

Renee’s life had been normal until the shadows reappeared and the legendary stone was sent to her. As the arrival drags her further into the paranormal world, the last thing Renee expects is to be swept off her feet by a brooding werewolf. 

Yet Coran captures her heart and attention. Small problem—he doesn't want a mate. Coran still suffers from the loss of his first mate, but when Renee is attacked by shifters he is forced to protect her at all costs. Things heat up when he realizes fate has wickedly granted him a second chance at love. With the war causing the body count to rise, now is not the ideal time to find a mate. 

The Circle is becoming desperate and something has Lucius worried which means trouble for his followers. It's a dance between danger and fate in this second installment of the Dark War Chronicles.

I really enjoy this series! It captured my attention in the first book and this book didn't let go! We find out more about the characters and the mystery that plagues them. I loved learning more about the back stories of the characters. I love Kessler's writing and can't wait to read more!

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