Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Indiscretion:Volume 3 by Elisabeth Grace [SBM Review]

Indiscretion: Volume 3

A summer of f*ck buddies? Something to take the edge off? I was down.
But when Chloe shows up at my hotel door, wanting to rip my head off, rather than give me head—I cared. A lot. Too much, in fact.
This is turning into more. And I can’t do more.
Like the ink under my skin she’s becoming permanent. Enduring. Immovable.
Was I ready to let her go though?
Not a f*cking chance.

I love Grace and hate her at the same time! This series has become one of my favorites. It keeps me on the edge of my seat and anxious to find out what happens next! I never had a "favorite couple" before, but I do now. I admire and root for Chloe. I would love to hang out and have a few drinks with her. Max, he is so hot and I lust for that man! Grace writes the book in two points of view. I love being able to get a glimpse into each of the characters feelings and points of view. No matter what I might be in the middle of reading once I get a new installment of this series I go right to it! If you like Erotic Contemporary Romance this is going to be your new favorite series!

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