Sunday, August 24, 2014

Do Us Part by Alessandra Torre [SBM Review]

Do Us Part

I have discovered the witch who started this disaster, and her name is Cecile. She is the lock around my husband’s heart; she is the barrier between me and everything I ever wanted.

I have decided to fight. For his heart, for my father, for the Jimmy Choos that rest on my perfectly manicured feet. The problem with a fight is that there is ultimately a loser. And in a situation like this, she has the advantage and a clear head start.

But I am here, and she is not. And I have not shared everything. I have some secrets and some advantages of my own. I will fight to the death, if not of my body, than of my heart. And if my heart is destroyed in this battle, I will find a way to survive. Poor planning may not be the final chapter in my story.

*Do Us Part is a novella, 16,000 words in length, and is the final installment of a 4-part series.

The last installment of the story and it's more than I ever expected. This series was so great and I am so glad to see Candy get what she deserved. It's an amazing story and you do not want to miss it!!

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