Sunday, October 19, 2014

Broken Protocols 2 by Dale Mayer [SBM Review]

Broken Protocols 2

The future is a dangerous place...

To save her skin and the skin of her new lover, Dani Summerland marries Levi Blackburn. That’s the good part. The bad part is that she and Levi realize they’re pawns in a game with no rule book.

Levi Blackburn can't believe he's married – but he's a lucky man and he knows it. Now he needs to find out who is after Dani and why so they can start their honeymoon.

As they struggle to find out who’s targeting them and what they want, the danger escalates and people around them start dying. 

It’s a good thing Charmin Marvin, her talking cat, is helping them.

More protocols are broken and if they can't win this game, their lives will be broken, too.

I am loving this series. I liked this book more than I did the first. The world Mayer has created is interesting and I can't wait to explore more. Mayer's writing transports me into her world and I hate it when I have to leave. This is such a fun series and I'll be starting 3 as soon as possible! Great Science Fiction read!

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