Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Void by JD Horn [SBM Review]

The Void

Book Three in the darkly magical Witching Savannah series.
An otherworldly energy runs through the city of Savannah, betraying its sleepy, moss-cradled charm. The old, beguiling streets look welcoming to most…but certain families know what lurks under their genteel surfaces. Families like Mercy Taylor’s, which has the most powerful lineage of witches in the South, know this all too well.
Mercy and her husband, Peter, are happily preparing to welcome baby Colin into their lives. But their excitement quickly becomes overshadowed by a gruesome discovery: someone has scattered severed limbs throughout the city. After a troubling visit from an old foe, Mercy learns dark magic is at play, and someone—or something—wants her and her unborn child out of the picture. To uncover the shocking reason why, the amateur witch must face a force beyond her power…or risk losing everything.
The third book in J.D. Horn’s Witching Savannah series, The Void is a gripping adventure about the enchantment—and evil—that can lie just beyond sight.

This is such an amazing series. Each book was better than the last. The Void took me by surprise. Horn gave me a twist I didn't see coming. Mercy's life has changed in the last few months and this installment wasn't any different. I was heartbroken, surprised, angry, and finally at peace. I just loved how Horn ended this book. I loved Horn's writing. He took me to Savannah and never wanted to leave! I hope to read more from the Witching Savannah series. I can't wait to find out where Horn takes me next and what twists he's going to surprise me with!

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