Sunday, October 5, 2014

Life Reignited by Sabrina Garie [SBM Review]

Life Reignited

Book two in the Divine Temptation series. Phoebe lives trapped between two worlds. Born an Amazon warrior, she’s sworn to serve the Greek pantheon. It’s her work as a scholar in the human world that gives her life passion and purpose and eases her heart—which shattered when the pantheon forced her to abandon her human lover. Alexander Xenos is a world-renowned classics expert who has dedicated his life to the study of ancient cultures and promoting peace. His fame and global adventures hide a hole in his heart, ripped out by a beautiful scholar who shut him out cold after the most intense love affair he’d ever had. Thirty years later Sander meets his long-lost love, only to learn she’s an Amazon, mythical gods are real, and are about to go to war. And Phoebe, who still sets his blood to boil, is in the thick of it. He’ll have to prevent a conflict between the Greek and Norse pantheons or lose her again—this time permanently.

Garie creates an amazing world of mythology. This is the second book of the series and it's captivating. I love how Garie draws you into her world with her writing. The characters are interesting. I haven't read the first book, however it didn't take away from this story. I will go back to read the first just so I can spend some more time in Garie's world.

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