Monday, November 24, 2014

A Life Unexpected by Sara Daniell [SBM Review]

A Life Unexpected

Visions Come Into Play...Secrets Have Been Told...Choices Must Be Made 

Holly is just your typical college student. She goes to classes during the day and spends her nights either hanging out with friends or wasting an embarrassing amount of time on social networking. Her life is ordinary, nothing interesting or extravagant. That is - until she meets Luke. This enigmatic and on-the-verge-of-stalker guy brings excitement into her dull, routine life, introducing her to a world outside of her own...A world of magic...A world called Terre. As the saying goes: "With knowledge comes power" and with power comes danger. Holly is quickly and unexpectedly thrown into a life of chaos, a life that she believed to only exist in science fiction films. Visions of this day have finally come into play, secrets have been told, and choices must be made.

This was such a great story! Daniell took me on an amazing ride in this story. It was a beautiful love story, interesting story line, and the characters were just wonderful. Even those ones I loved to hate! The world Daniell created is so interesting and mysterious. Even though in the end I had all my questions answered. I know there has to be so much more that is going on in this world. I loved how Daniell gave us more than one point of view. I got an inside look at Holly and Luke's inner struggles and questions. The end of the book I got to peek into Luke's dream journal and it was just beautiful. I can not wait to find out what's going to happen in the next book! 

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