Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bloom by Cathy Jackson [SBM Review]


Charles Swartz was abusive and demanding. He ruled my life with a leather strap and harsh words. The physical and mental abuse I suffered at his hands made me hate and fear him.
His death would be the only thing that could release me from our marriage.
John Westerling is caring and thoughtful. He treats me as his equal and his encouragement builds me up. His displays of patience and love to everyone around draws my heart to him.
Can the love we are finding together stand against a woman from his past who threatens to tear us apart and destroy all that we are working to achieve? Will I be able to trust again after being married to a tyrant?

This is such a beautiful story. John and Phoenix have both been devastated by love. Can they overcome their pasts and let love in again? My heart just went out to Phoenix. She was in a hopeless situation when John came into her life to help her. John is a single father and has a daughter anyone would just fall in love with. John is so patient and loving to Phoenix it was a beautiful thing to watch. While John strives to be a godly man Phoenix is afraid she is far from being saved. Phoenix is so strong and passionate despite all she has been through or maybe because of it. Sometimes you have to go through the bad to recognize the good. This story truly touched me and I know it's going to be one that I will go back and reread over and over. 

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