Friday, November 21, 2014

Forbidden Alpha (FOA Part 5) by Dakota Cassidy [SBM Review]

Forbidden Alpha
Fangs of Anarchy Part 5

Oh, Claire’s really done it now. As if her week hasn’t been bad enough, what with the blood and the drowning and the head bashing and the intense sex… Okay, that last one was pretty awesome. But now she’s gone and got herself caught in the clutches of a paranormal so evil, he makes Satan look like a sissy. This baddest of all baddies is her key to beating a murder rap—if he doesn’t kill her first. 

Where’s a bloodsucking knight on shining chrome when you need one? 

Tonight, at long last, fangs will flash, fur will fly, heads will roll, and dastardly deeds will be revealed in this heart-pounding, breath-holding, secret-exploding final episode of Fangs of Anarchy—Forbidden Alpha! 

*Author note: Dear readers, Please note: This is part five and the conclusion of a five-part serial. This is not intended as a stand-alone read. Thank you so much for making for making Fangs of Anarchy an Amazon #1 Bestseller! 
**This book is intended for adults over 18. Contains some explicit content. 
Fangs of Anarchy-Forbidden Alpha Serial 
Part 1-Alpha Down 
Part 2-Girl Most Lycan 
Part 3-Were in the World is Gannon Dodd? 
Part 4-In In the Zone 
Part 5-Revelation 

All my questions were answered in this last installment. Cassidy did a wonderful job wrapping up the series for me. Of course her world is so vast and interesting there is still so much more to explore. I can't wait to start the next series of FOA. This story was sexy, funny, and full of action. The mystery and twist and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat. Loved this amazing paranormal story!

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