Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Girls and Their Ponies by Meg Collett

Little Girls and Their Ponies

That day on the road took everything from Alice Montgomery. Her beautiful face, her father’s keen mind, and her precious horse. One tiny moment, one horrible accident that left her trapped in a burning truck. They say she was lucky to survive. They lied. 

Nearly a year later, Alice feels the pain and sadness from that day just as fresh as if it had happened yesterday. Her surviving is barely hanging on. How do you live when all you once lived for is dead and gone? 

Then one day opportunity knocks on the door. It’s the chance to heal, to move on. Finally, Alice feels something besides the familiar, aching pain. 

And it’s time to leave the fire behind.

The story follows a young woman who's life is devastated due to an accident. She has to find a reason to live again and with the help of those around her she just may have a chance. Collett's writing was smooth and easy to read. The only problem I had was I never found myself caring about the main character. It's easy to see why readers would love this story of struggle. I just didn't connect with the main character.

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