Sunday, November 16, 2014

Forbidden Alpha (FOA Part 2) by Dakota Cassidy [SBM Review]

Forbidden Alpha 
Fangs of Anarchy Part 2

If Irish McConnell wasn’t so hot for Claire Montgomery, he’d muzzle her pretty werewolf mouth and tie her to his bed forever. No one would blame him. It’s the only way to keep her out of trouble… 

Claire’s done a bad thing, the consequences of which point to more badness in her immediate future. And possibly Irish’s future…and the future of both his vampire clan and her wolf pack. But Claire’s determined to fix everything. All she has to do is find proof to justify her actions, avoid the drunken threats of her pack alpha, and stave off a race war between the vamps and weres. Easy-peasy. 

The hard part? Staying away from her favorite forbidden vampire. Especially hard when he’s saving her hide every five seconds. 

I loved this more than I did the first. Irish is doing everything he can to protect not only Claire, but he's clan as well. He has a family to look out for along with the community. The world Cassidy created is so interesting and the characters I just love. Even the ones I'm loving to hate! This series has mystery, murder, suspense, action, and an oh so sexy Irish! I can't wait to read the next installment of the series. 

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