Friday, November 21, 2014

Death Design by N.L. Hoffmann [SBM Review]

Death Design

Sin Noble is the President’s personal assassin, due to her unique ability to kill. What most don’t know is, he’s also her brother, and not at all the cuddly or loving kind, either. After surviving a difficult childhood and life on the streets, she adapted to her murder-for-hire lifestyle by going against nature and using her reaping powers to take enemies of the President before their time. As Death incarnate, Sin has the unique ability to alter the Death Design—the pattern that decides who should die, and when. 

But tempting fate doesn’t come without a price. Or a questionable relationship with alcohol. 

When she is sent by her brother to assassinate a suspected blackmailer, Sin soon realizes that the situation is more complicated than he let on. She is partnered with another employee of the President, Liam Sanders, whom she hates with a passion. When push comes to shove, that passion soon turns into something her hormones can’t refuse, and Sin can’t live without. 

Constantly running up against her Supernatural fathers and sarcastic sisters, Sin’s tangled web of a mission reveals that The Covert is once again preying on all of the world’s inhabitants. Sin is desperate to discover the truth before she decides to take another life outside the Death Design. Will she be able to accomplish the impossible, while being pursued herself by mysterious dark forces? One thing is certain: no can escape their destiny. All will be revealed in the Death Design.

I just can't enough of this series!! I love the sisters and just adore and love Lucifer. This story is funny, erotic, and action packed! I loved getting to know each sister in her own story and then revisit them in the next sisters story. The powerful sisters all daughters of Lucifer have unique gifts of their own. Together I doubt anyone will be able to stand up to them. I love the strong and funny female characters. I just want to hang out and have a few drinks and loads of laughs with them. Hoffmann gave each sister her own story without sacrificing the one main goal of all the sisters. The little quirks Lucifer have in the stories make me giggle! I can't tell you who my favorite BBF is from these books. Each introduction of a new male character always seemed just a little better than the last and left me wanting them all!! I can't wait to find out where Hoffmann takes us in her next book. 

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