Sunday, November 16, 2014

Times Echo by Rysa Walker [SBM Review]

Times Echo
A Chronos Files Novella

A Kindle exclusive novella, set in the world of Rysa Walker's Timebound. 

Kiernan Dunne abandoned his family ties to help Kate fight the Cyrists, and he's never regretted that for one moment. But he doesn't understand why Kate can't remember that night in 1893 Chicago, when she turned back to face the killer chasing them through the smoky corridors of the World's Fair Hotel. Kate placed the CHRONOS key around his neck and made his eight year old self promise to wear it always, and that's a promise Kiernan has never broken. 

When Kate suddenly vanishes after a Cyrist-engineered time shift, that hidden medallion is Kiernan's only hope for finding her. He returns to the Cyrist fold to look for clues, but his search will lead him back to the question that has haunted him for years--what really happened after he left Kate at the World's Fair Hotel? 

This digital novella gives Timebound readers a glimpse at Kate in another timeline and helps set the stage for Time's Edge, the second book in The CHRONOS Files Series, coming from Skyscape in October.

I just love the world Walker has created. The timeline is changing again and Kate has disappeared. Kiernan was suppose to forget the other timeline and Kate. He has to find out what was changed and where Kate is. This is such a great suspenseful adventure. I love the different time lines and experience they have. It's fun and so exciting. I can't wait to read the next book!

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