Tuesday, September 16, 2014

As Long As It Takes by Hannah Petty [SBM Review]

As Long As It Takes

Meet Lacey Smith the unlucky in love Essex sweetheart. Then meet Daniel Brown a successful and wealthy troubled soul. When their worlds emerge in to one, they both try and learn how to fight against it all to be together, is love enough? or does it take more?
With laughter, tears and heartbreak, Lacey try’s to stand strong with the help of her best friends James and Steph, but Dan turns her world up side down. With troubled pasts and broken hearts will they survive?
It all unfolds in Essex, Laceys home town, where she is already mending a broken heart. In this romantic story we see love and loyalties tested to limit.

Both main characters are running away from their past and find each other. It was such a touching story. Dan is so hot and sexy and I have to admit he's one of my new book boy friends! The drama kept me glued to the e-reader and the romance had me swooning. Great read!

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