Friday, September 26, 2014

Shadow Cursed (The Daughters of Darkness, #2) by NL Hoffmann [SBM Review]

Shadow Cursed (The Daughters of Darkness, #2)

U.S. Marshal Jacey Noble has just taken a well-deserved vacation when one of her fugitives ends up murdered. Detective Trent Vinolva is less than enthusiastic to take on a new partner, especially hot-blooded Jacey, who lives to push his buttons. When they encounter a werewolf at the scene, Jacey is thrust into a new world of supernatural beings and high-stakes encounters with no one else to turn to but Trent.

Jacey discovers that she’s a Shadow, one in an order of powerful beings able to manipulate darkness. But Jacey is not just any Shadow. Amidst the whirlwind of discovering her newly activated powers, Jacey must solve the murder while battling sexual tension with Detective Vinolva. Things get interesting when the pair discovers Jacey’s demonic father and her hot tempered sister. Finding herself in a new world, teetering on the brink of supernatural war, Jacey doesn’t know who to trust. She must rely on her own instincts and U.S. Marshal training to separate fact from fiction in her new reality.

With the help of the Supernatural Council and Trent by her side, Jacey attempts to accomplish the impossible: evade the corrupt Shadows on her tail and solve a murder case that becomes increasingly complex, all while transforming into her true self. Will Jacey embrace who she was born to be, or fight against her fate due to her fear of the unknown? Find out in Shadow Cursed.

I just loved Hoffmann's first book, but I love this one even more!! The Noble sisters are so amazing. They are immature more of the time, but that just hides the fact of how deadly they truly are. They seem to have their father's sense of humor and you can't help but laugh while you're reading. It also has some amazing sexy scenes and the action is just non stop! I can't wait to meet the third sister and see what trouble they find themselves in next!

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