Thursday, September 18, 2014

Unassailable by Cynthia St.Aubin [SBM Review]


When dead men tell mo' tales... 
Running afoul of a pants-less ghost pirate wasn't exactly what Paranormal Psychologist, Matilda Schmidt had in mind when she took off for some R & R. Even at a quiet beach-side bungalow, Matilda can't catch a moment's peace when the restless spirits aren't the only ones haunting her bedroom. 

Marooned by a disappearing demigod, and seeking a solution to banish her unwelcome guests, Matilda rides shotgun with a hit man who's better at making ghosts than eliminating them. When Matilda's new-found abilities leave her feeling more psychotic than psychic, she's forced to consider an offer she doesn't want to take, but can't afford to refuse.

This has to be the sexiest story yet! Trouble is always finding Matilda. She is one lucky doc with her choice of a hot hit man or a sexy demi god. I love how St. Aubin can make me giggle then the next moment I'm fanning my self. St. Aubin writes some of the most beautiful phrases I've ever read. I think one of favorites in this book is, "Alone, I watched the waves spill moonlight onto the sand and steal it back again." I can't wait to find out what trouble Matilda gets into next! If you love reading a funny and sexy as hell story you better grab this series. St. Aubin will have your e-reader steaming!

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