Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fueled by Lust: Drusus by Celeste Prater [SBM Review]

Fueled by Lust: Drusus

 Drawn to Texas by a vortex link between Insedivertus and a plethora of potential mates, Prince Drusus Tarquinius focuses on ensuring the survival of his alien race. Avelina Roth is simply out on the town trying to forget her love troubles when their accidental meeting draws them both into a dangerous liaison that brings a hated enemy back into Drusus's life and shatters Avelina's belief that we are alone in this universe. How does troubled in love Avelina Roth deal with the overwhelming Drusus Tarquinius, a force not of this Earth, when he engages her in his mating cycle the moment they meet? Will Drusus overlook the past and move forward with the final mating? Will Avelina survive to know the full depth of his love when the planetary war that pushed the aliens to seek mates knocks firmly on her door? Packed with plenty of romance, hot, hunky men, humor, and scorching, knee-wobbling sex, this author recommends gloves when reading. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

This was an interesting story. The world Prater has created was interesting. The book made me giggle several times. The main character Drusus I just couldn't take seriously. I felt like he would say Me man you me mate. Ok, so I do love a good alpha, but when a character actually says it like that. I can't help but laugh at him. I couldn't get past that and it just distracted me. 

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  1. Prater here...Me man you me mate? Really? Don't quite remember writing that, but everyone has a different way to interpret things. Drusus hasn't picked up on the slang language of Earth yet, so in book 1 he speaks in a very formal manner. He catches on in Book 2. He's driven by instincts to claim his mate when his mating necklace engages, so I guess that would look sort of barbaric. Any who...thanks for taking the time to do a review. I look forward to your comments on Severus, Cato, Lucien, and Caelius for the upcoming tour. :-)