Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beast Part 3 by Ella James [SBM Review]

Beast Part Three

Return to La Rosa Prison as Annabelle tries to save Beast from his grizzly fate. Her tongue and hands are doing most of the saving. 
Just kidding. 
There's suspense and a healthy dose of smut, too. You know that's how you like it... 

In all seriousness, this is an adult book that deals with a variety of intense and mature topics. It's also a novella. If you dislike reading stories in installments, or are a prude, a whiner, or other unsavory sort of character, this may not be a good read for you. 
*Part 3 is on sale for 99 cents for the first 12 hours only. Tell your friends! 
*Part Four is coming September 22. I expect it to be the final installment in the Beast serials.

Oh Beast! This once again picks up right where the last left off. Belle is going crazy with worry while trying to care for her sister and dying mother. She has to help him, but what can she do? This is such an addictive series! I just love Beast. Prison has changed him, but we get glimpse into the person he use to be. As soon as this went live I grabbed my copy and I can't wait for the next! This is an amazing addictive erotic fairy tale that you don't want to miss!

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