Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sweet Dreams: Volume 2 of Don't Close Your Eyes by Lynessa James [SBM Review]

Sweet Dreams: Volume 2 of Don't Close Your Eyes

With an unbeatable college track career and her masters degree on the horizon, Kinsley James hardly focuses on anything else. Her fierce determination and ambition have achieved amazing feats, which prove there is great reward for her ability to remain focused. However, when her attraction to an old friend crosses a line her heart and soul have drawn for years, he and his best friend take her places she would never dare venture. As a result she finds herself caught between two men and an internal battle as carnal longings the likes of which she has always avoided threaten to show a side of herself that has been undiscovered. With the unleashing of desires previously unexplored and forbidden, her morality is turned on its head, leaving her scrambling to make sense of the chaos that stirs within. She has no idea that amidst it all she has caught the eye of one of the most notoriously dangerous men this side of the country with a deceptively charming streak that leaves her heart racing and her nerves singing with every meeting. 

After being harassed, a co-worker baring a striking resemblance to her is murdered, and Kinsley realizes her safety may be hanging in the balance. Protection comes in the most unexpected of forms, but could uncover an even more sinister danger. Soon she will learn that not everything around her is what it seems, and that those closest could be keeping dangerous secrets that pertain to her life. 

This just blew me away. I was intrigued with Klive right from the first book. At times I'm not sure if I should swooning or afraid of him! This isn't your're typical love story. It's hot and the steamy scenes will melt your e-reader!

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