Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Waking Serpent by Terry Maggert [SBM Review]

The Waking Serpent

Evil is never still. Something wicked is crossing the sea, a creature so old that none even remember its name-- but it has not forgotten the taste of blood. With a succubus ally, a brave priest, and new friends who seem a little less human than most, The Fearless will meet the greatest challenge of their lives. An ancient adversary is stopping by to avenge a wrong from the depths of time in a fight to the death that will bring a goddess to Florida for the best reason of all: Revenge.

Ring and the girls are at it again. Now that Elizabeth is gone the rest of her family is moving in to take her place. We get to see Demi-Gods in their element and it's amazing! My favorite part of Maggert's writing is how he gives you the story from more than one point of view. I enjoy following the trio while still knowing what the "bad guy" is doing to reach the trio. I'm obsessed with this series. All the ancient mythology Maggert includes in his writing is so interesting and makes me want to know more. Can't wait to start the next book and find out where Maggert takes us next!

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