Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ourselves by S.G. Redling [SBM Reivew]

(The Nahan Series)

They have always been among us.
An ancient, enigmatic race, the Nahan have protected their secret world by cultivating the myths of fanged, bloodsucking monsters that haunt legends. Yet they walk through our world as our coworkers and our neighbors, hiding in plain sight and coexisting in peace. They survive…and they prosper.
A shy young dreamer, Tomas wanders through his life with help from his good friends and influential family on the ruling Council. Now, he’s decided his future lies with the Nahan’s most elite class: the mysterious Storytellers. But his family is troubled by his new choice—and by his new girlfriend, Stell, a wild, beautiful, and deadly outcast from a fanatical Nahan sect.
As Tomas descends into the dark wonders of the Nahan’s most powerful culture, Stell answers her own calling as an exceptional assassin. But when a lethal conspiracy threatens their destinies, Tomas and Stell must unite their remarkable talents against the strongest—and most sinister—of their kind.

Wow this story just blew me away. I'm not sure what exactly I expected when I began the story, but it was so much more than I could of imagined. This is so new and original. The world Redling has created holds so many possibilities and I'm excited to find out where it goes from here. The love story was sweet, sexy, and broke my heart! I loved all these characters and hope to get to know them even better in the next book. I'll be following this series!!

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