Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sin Part 3 by Casey L. Bond [SBM Review]

Sin Part 3

If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that being a puppet sucks. For most of my life, it was my father who worked the strings. I thought that the strings had finally been severed, that by running away I had finally assumed control of my life. I was wrong. 

Maybe control is an illusion. Because since I’ve met Shane Justice, I’ve lost control of my mind. Hell, I’ve lost control of my own body at times. And I’ve learned that those strings are still there. They are being worked by the hand of a man I’ve never met. By all accounts, my puppet master is dangerous. But there is one thing he doesn’t know: I’m still desperate to sever those strings, desperate to get away. And desperation can make people do crazy things. 

***Mature audiences only due to adult language and situations. SIN is a serial novel. This means that the book will be released in parts, or increments, similar to episodes in a television show.

Sin you go get it girl!!! I loved this installment of SIN. This is such a great series. Morgan ran away to be free only to find out there is someone one else now controlling life. Lucky for her she has to endure this with one hot fighter!! Brooklyn is definitely a friend everyone should be lucky enough to have! "Want me to have him taken care of? I know people." I loved that and that is a true friend. Morgan doesn't take Shane's mood swings lying down. I love it every time she points out to him how he is acting like such a diva lol.  I love Morgan and can't wait to read more.

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