Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tethered Wings by Cameo Renae [SBM Review]

Tethered Wings
(Hidden Wings #3)

Back from their quest into the Underworld, with the threat of Lucian hanging over head, Emma is faced with yet another problem—the Immortal Bond. The bond surpasses any reason and is something so complex, not much is known about it. Once an Immortal Bond is made, it is forever. A conjoining of two fated hearts, destined to be perfect companions.
Emma’s heart, already bonded with her Guardian, Kade, has unexpectedly and inconveniently bonded with Ethon, the son of Lucifer. Now she is faced with a decision she doesn't want to make. Both want nothing more than to love and protect her. 
With the arrival of new company and old friends, things are bound to get heated.

I was so happy for Emma, because her best friends are going to visit her. Of course change always happens to young people and Emma has gone through more changes than she had ever expected. Emma has to make so many big decisions that will not only change her life, but the lives of those ones she loves. This book didn't have as much action as the previous book, however it was no less spellbinding. This series is so suspenseful and the world Renae has created is so interesting and exciting. I'm so glad I discovered no only this series, but Renae as well. Renae has become one of my favorite authors and I can't wait to find out where she takes me in her next book.

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