Monday, January 12, 2015

Unseen by Amber Lynn Natusch [SBM Reivew]

(Unborn #2)

Welcome to the Kingdom of Hades, where even its prodigal princess sleeps lightly.

After fighting Soul Stealers in Detroit, Khara hoped to return home to find answers in her father's realm. But the land of the dead offers little information, and far too much tragedy. Now cut off from her brothers, and left only with her dark and unreliable companion Oz, Khara must navigate the centuries-old webs of deceit and betrayal, all while eluding the Underworld's most depraved inhabitant. But she soon finds an unexpected ally in her adopted sister Persephone. Together, they endeavor to right a terrible wrong. And as Khara soon discovers, there's more riding on her success than she ever thought possible.

I am just loving this world that Natusch has created!! I'm a big fan of The Caged Series and now I'm obsessed with this series. Khara returns home to find answers. I can see Khara changing ever time she discovers a new power or ability. Oz has so many secrets and I'm looking forward to find out what it is he's hiding for Khara. The story line is so interesting and exciting. This book was better than the first and I'm looking forward to the third book! The mission they are about to go on is going to be so exciting!! I can't wait.

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