Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Haunted (Caged #2) by Amber Lynn Natusch [SBM Review]

(Caged #2)

(The sequel to Caged)

"I cowered away from him, unable to formulate a coherent sentence. Questions ran through my mind though none made it past my lips. I wondered how this could be happening, what he wanted, and what major injustice I'd brought against the universe to bring a fate such as this upon me.

Perhaps being born was reason enough."

After his near death experience only months earlier, Cooper's behavior is rapidly deteriorating.
So what does Ruby do? She adds a new roommate into the mix. When her friend Ronnie is abruptly called away for a family emergency, Ruby takes in Peyta, Ronnie's highly intelligent and overly observant teenage daughter. With an increasingly unstable Cooper in the house, Ruby fears for Peyta's safety.
But when Peyta's behaviors become as perplexing as Cooper's, Ruby finds herself juggling a series of lies to ensure their safety as well as her own...
Until the lies, and the bodies, start dropping.

This book was even better than the first. The suspense and action felt non stop. Ruby's story is so interesting and original I just can't seem to get enough of it. If there is a character I like more than Ruby it would have to be Scarlet! I love strong female characters and this one is perfect for me! The mystery kept me in suspense and the action kept my heart beating faster and faster. I'll be starting the next book NOW! Love this world Natusch has created.

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