Sunday, December 28, 2014

Once Upon A Time by S.K. Hartley [SBM Reivew]

Once Upon a Time
(Fairy Tales are for Morons Book 1)

I don't believe in fairy tales. 
I don't believe in glass slippers. 
I don't believe in Prince-Freaking-Charming. 

Cinderella can kiss my ass. 

I kiss frogs, sometimes even toads. 
I've given up on meeting Mr. Right, instead it seems all I meet is Mr. Wrong, Mr. Very-Wrong and even, Mr. Lets-Not-Even-Go-There. 

Fairy tales are for morons. 

Well, that's what I thought until Gabriel Black barged through my life, turning everything upside down. 
He's hot, sexy and little rough around the edges. 
t, taste it and smell it. 

But, he's hiding something, something deep. I can feel i
Now I'm left wondering if he's my Prince Charming or my fairy tale villain. 
Will I ride away safely into the night, dreaming of happily ever afters? 
Or, will I stumble and fall in ridiculously high heels only meant for women with a death wish? 

Once Upon A Time... 
I met Gabriel Black.

What a fun story! I loved these characters. I wanted to climb into the book and get drunk right along with them! Everyone needs a couple friends like Quinn and Kylie! Hartley made me laugh, sigh, and those sexy scence just had my heart a flutter! Once I started the book I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read the next book. 

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