Friday, December 26, 2014

With the One by Jenni Moen [SBM Reivew]

With the One
(With the Father novella)

I had a choice, and I chose right. 

I walked away from everything, 
expecting nothing 
but hoping for everything.. 

She was the miracle I never anticipated, 
the future I hadn’t imagined 
but now couldn’t live without. 

I wanted to give her the world, 
but all she wanted was me. 

If I hadn’t taken a chance, 
I would have never known 
what life could be like … 

With the One

What a beautiful ending to an already wonderful story. Moen gave me a look at the happily ever after. This tied up the loose ends that were left. Not just with the murder, but with the daughter and family also. I love Moen's writing and will be a fan for life!!

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