Monday, December 29, 2014

We are Gathered by Jackie Ivie [SBM Reivew]

We are Gathered
(Vampire Assassin League Book 4)

An 800-year old virgin. His mate. The passion. The fate.

Tristan Navarre Invaris knows everything about honor and chivalry, loyalty and sacrifice, respect and principle. As the Vampire Assassin League’s Innovation Specialist, he keeps abreast of every advance, every gadget, and every facet of communication. But there’s one thing he knows nothing about: Women. 

Rori knows she’s gifted in the dark arts. She’s always known – regardless of what anyone thinks. She’s special. Talented. Odd. Unpopular. She’s found at the fringe of any crowd because she likes it there. She doesn’t need anyone. Never has. Until one night…on a dark empty street… 

From the moment he’s sent to recruit her, Tristan’s hooked. She’s his mate. It’s not open for negotiation or argument. And his presence makes Rori’s powers sharper, more visceral, much more potent. Rori doesn’t know why she fights this mating thing. Nobody else wants her - and Tristan is the most handsome, heart-stirring creature. But there’s that vampire part…

Another fun and quick vamp read! Rori wanted to be part of a coven and now she is!

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