Monday, December 29, 2014

The Beginning (Vampire Assassins League Bundle 1) [SBM Reivew]

The Beninning
(Vampire Assassins League Bundle 1)


Welcome to the world of Vampire Assassin League, where the contract is just the beginning. In VAL there’s no line a vampire won’t cross to secure a true mate once found. Only death can separate them…. 

Set One: The Beginning contains the following novellas: 

KNIGHT AFTER NIGHT: Scot laird Thoran MacKettryck has met his mate, after years of bitter longing and endless existence. He expected someone more experienced; a little less quick with her tongue; a bit more agreeable. What he got was his perfect match – Jolie Pritchard. 

BE STILL MY HEART: Sasha Stroyanovich is pure killing machine. There isn’t a man out there safe from her relentless need for vengeance. She hasn’t got a heart. She hasn’t got a dream. She hasn’t got anything other than hate. And then she tries to kill Dr. Stuart Findlay. 

DEARLY BELOVED: Dominick Miklos St Guis is a recluse. A shadow. Killing and draining blood without leaving a trace. It’s his signature. Until something goes terribly wrong and he winds up with a captive who came very close to killing him. And for that, Courtney Dwyer is paying… 

WE ARE GATHERED: Tristan Navarre Invaris died a crusader knight - a warrior steeped in lessons learned at the end of a sword blade. He’s got everything under control as VAL’s Innovation Specialist. And then something goes awry as the one thing he can’t fathom enters his tightly controlled world: A female. Rori. His mate.

This a fun, quick, and sexy series. Each one is about another member of the assassin league. If you enjoy vampire reads you should check out this great series.

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